REQUEST OF THE FAMILIES OF THE ROAD VICTIMS KILLED BY ILIR BETI / February 28, 2015 / translation by Claudio Martino ( AIFVS – ONLUS )


REQUEST OF THE FAMILIES OF THE ROAD VICTIMS KILLED BY ILIR BETI / February 28, 2015 / translation by Claudio Martino ( AIFVS – ONLUS )

The Italian Justice has confirmed the full guilt of Ilir BETI, June 20, 2013, with the judgment of the Court of Appeal of Turin (

He was found guilty of intentional homicide with awareness of the consequences of his actions, for the massacre that claimed the lives of our children, on the italian highway A26, August 13, 2011: 4 youths killed and a fifth, survived with permanent physical damages (

WE, the parents of the young victims,
WE, the victims’ families supported by French and Italian public opinion,
WE, with a force beyond suspicion in requiring Justice,
WE, with an energy generated by the immeasurable grief mixed with anger become collective,
WE, innocent victims of a disaster that will never end,
WE have obtained, by the italian courts, that the responsible has been found guilty of intentional road homicide.
2 judgments (first and second degree) have affirmed and reaffirmed a sentence proportionate to the crime committed.
At this point, we have confidence in the Supreme Court, to which Ilir BETI has appealed (

We are confident that the Supreme Court
– will confirm the sentence imposed to Ilir BETI, who has never shown no remorse or compassion
– and will comply with a conviction pronounced after a scrupulous work of investigation and analysis of all the elements of the investigation.
The investigative work has been able to prove several aggravating circumstances, first of all the violent behavior of the accused, immediately before and immediately after the tragedy.
We are confident that the Italian Supreme Court will never allow such a person, guilty of intentional road homicide with aggravating circumstances, THANKS TO SOME LEGAL TECHNICALITIES, not to undergo a sentence proportionate to its acts.

The pain, the immeasurable sorrow, the moral and physical injuries of the bereaved families are, unfortunately, indelible.

The only way to show respect, to the victims’ families, is to impose severe penalties on those who have been recognized “MURDERERS”!
This respect has value only if the victims’ families can trust the justice of men,
a justice capable of maintaining right penalties, without the possibility of unjustified clemency…
We expect by the italian courts,
we demand justice of men,
this respect,
in the name of life and of the honest citizens’ protection.

All our hopes are addressed to the Court of Cassation in Rome, which will hold the hearing Wednesday, March 11, at 10 am.

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